For the last years, Diogo has been dedicating his professional time to 3D Printing. His experience in the area started at BEEVERYCREATIVE that he co-founded in 2012 and where he was CEO from May 2013 for two and half years. Altought Beeverycreative sucess he sold his part of the company and co-founded another Getready 4 3D. He consider the start of a company magic. GetReady4 3D is a company aiming to provide 3D Printing literacy. Currently he is CEO of a German company iGo3D GmbH. He is graduated in management by ISAG-European Business School and he hold an MBA by INSEAD (2003). Before moving to Hannover, Germany, he lived in Portugal, England, Italy, Mozambique and France, where he managed people and projects. Besides his passion for 3D Printing, he is also interested in startups, in emerging technologies and always looking for ways to create value! Recent experience as speaker in several conferences about 4.0 Industry, 3D Print Farms in Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, London, etc.