President of P-GEVS and President of Torino e-district.

Pietro Perlo (IFEVS) Pietro took his Laurea degree in General Physics at the University of Torino in 1980 where he continued his activities for over 15 years as contract professor. As director at Centro Ricerche Fiat he has coordinated large programmes on high power lasers robotics, photonics and microcombustion. In the last decade he has originated quite a number of EU projects on advanced systems development and integration for efficient electrical mobility. He his author of over 150 technical and scientific publications and holder of several patents that have led to large scale productions in automotive-general- emergency lighting and infrared intrusion sensors. In 2011 he founded his company “Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles” I-FEVS. He is President of P-GEVS and the President of Torino e-district.